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I wanted to thank you and Matthew for the landscaping redesign and lawn and irrigation maintenance for last year, I am anxious to see how well it looks again this year as the plants and flowers continue to mature. I certainly appreciate the quality and timeliness of your landscaping and irrigation services during the redesign and throughout the year. The work that was performed last year has greatly improved the “Curb Appeal” for our Salina Capitol Federal Branch. We have 49 branches in Kansas and Missouri and we prefer our properties look as good or better than our neighbors and competitors. Landscape Consultants has certainly contributed to a good first impression for our bank in Salina and we appreciate the dedication from your company to always make Capitol Federal look good. We are looking forward to a long term relationship with a company that has the same values as our bank.  Thank you.

D. BahrMaintenance SuperintendentCapitol Federal Savings Salina, KS branch

From the initial landscape drawings designed by Matt, to the explosion of green when there was grass, each day of my association with Landscape Consultants has been a pleasure!

Both the Irrigation & landscape foremen & crews were great to work with & have on our property. Progress moved at warp speed whether part of the initial planning or a new issue.

Meticulousness demonstrated by the maintenance crews, made my decision to have all aspects of this year’s care managed by Landscape Consultants, an obvious one.

I know satisfaction derived from this project will continue to grow along with the plantings in the landscape!

Linda G.Bennington, KS

Matt and all the people at Landscape Consultants have always been very responsive to our needs. From lawn care and maintenance to snow removal, they always take great care of us at both Salina locations.

As a non-profit organization, we appreciate how responsive Landscape Consultants are, whether it be regular lawn care and maintenance or a special project that needs immediate attention.

Saint Francis Community ServicesSalina

We opened a new Sonic Drive in July 2015. We used Landscape Consultants and they did a great job at this location. During the grand opening, we had several people compliment the landscaping. We will continue to use this company for all of our future stores. One of the best things about this company is the customer service. Dan and his team kept us involved from the beginning to the end.

Thank you – Dan and Landscape Consultants!!

Sonic Drive-inEllsworth, KS

Tonia, so glad you made the trip up to my house last fall.  You were so kind and helpful.  The workers you sent were so pleasant and did a great job.

Hope to see you all this spring.

Violet G.Minneapolis, KS

Tonia and her hard working crew did an amazing job on my landscaping.  They replaced old lava rock and shrubs for new rock and flowering perennials. It looks beautiful.  I am thrilled with the results!

Marcene K.Marquette, KS

Landscape Consultants is an outstanding company and we have had fantastic experience working with Matt and his crew. They have provided excellent customer service to us during the past four years. We have worked with them from the ground floor up. Initially, we started with the laying of sod and seeding, covering approximately 1.5 acres surrounding our new home construction. Then flower beds were designed, trees planted and sprinkler systems installed. Matt and his crew are extremely knowledgeable, courteous and punctual. Their work has been top notch. We would highly recommend this company and will be using them for all of our lawn care in the future.

Kent and Suzy C.Minneapolis, KS

After purchasing a new home, we needed assistance in designing and installing landscaping. Matt was great to work with in coming up with a design that took our ideas and developed them into an attractive reality. Dave and all of the employees we were associated with during this process were very skilled in their area, as well as friendly and flexible. From the concept development to the final product, we were very pleased with all Landscape Consultants personnel and their creativity. We would recommend this company for your next job without reservation.

Dwight and Janice P.Salina, KS

We were pleased to have Landscape Consultants take care of our landscaping needs. Tonia was great to work with, is very knowledgeable, had great ideas and included what was important to us as well. She also came by regularly for weeks to check on the trees and plants, which we appreciated. Installation was timely and efficient. Chris and his helper stayed on my task and would stop to answer any of our questions. The bid matched the final bill. They did what they said they would do. Landscape Consultants represent their company well and take great pride and care in their work.

Jeff and Carol D.Salina, KS

Landscape consultants recently completed a design, tear-out and reinstallation of a screened-in patio floor, outside patio and walkway for us.  Matt’s team was very professional and accommodating (with a smile) when we changed things on the fly.  Jason is a true artist when it comes to paver installation and obviously takes great pride in his work.  We couldn’t be happier with our project and highly recommend Landscape Consultants.

Trey and Kim M.Salina, KS

We recently purchased some large pine trees from Landscape Consultants. Matt had come and helped us decide on the placement , the crew hand dug the holes, mulched and staked the trees. They did an excellent job and the trees are beautiful. In the past, we have had Landscape Consultants install a stone retaining wall around our deck, which included putting in some drains, replace some of our existing shrubs and plants, install an above ground sprinkler around the foundation, and do some repairs to our in-ground sprinkler system. The crew has always been quiet, courteous, hard working and they tidy up when they are done working. We consider this company a full service landscaper and we only have to make one call.

Jerry and Vicky G.Salina, KS

We have been very pleased with the work Dan and the team at Landscape Consultants have provided us with since we moved to Salina two years ago…..from designing and planting new landscaping in our front and backyards, to adding on to an existing brick patio, to overseeing a new wrought iron fence project, and continuous maintenance and care for our lawn and trees. We appreciate their hard work ethic and attention to detail. We want to say “Thank You” to the whole team!

Grant & Kris J.Salina, KS

After we purchased our home, we wanted a landscape plan created that would enhance the appearance of our new home. We contacted Matt Wagoner at Landscape Consultants and he visited our home to see the property and to listen to our ideas. It was obvious that his goal was to give us a professional, attractive design that we would be happy to have. Through his design and computer program, we were able to see the appearance of each plant and tree and how each fit into the landscape plan. The crew that installed the landscape was very organized, professional, skilled and friendly. Upon completion of the project, Matt confirmed that we were happy with the result and we have continued to visit with Matt as he has wanted to insure that we are completely satisfied. We highly recommend, without reservation, Matt Wagoner and Landscape Consultants for your landscape design and installation.

Stan and Sharon S.Salina, KS

I want to thank you for staying on top of the mowing at our residence. Also, Tonia has done a great job in getting the planting beds back in shape and for continuing to keep things in proper order so that it doesn’t get out of control again. Things are looking great.

Shirley A.Salina, KS

Landscape Consultants takes the guess work out of yard maintenance and design. They provide all of the services that you will need for your yard. You can choose in advance the work that will automatically be done by them. It is easy to be away from home knowing that your yard will be well taken care of. They are knowledgeable about which herbicides and pesticides to use at the appropriate time of year and that suit your plants, lawn, and mowing practices. They do excellent design work, giving you choices for plantings. In addition to giving your yard a really lush and creative look, they suggest plants that will grow well and flourish in the different locations in your yard, giving attention to soil conditions and sun versus shade. Options are available to have sprinklers inspected and adjusted monthly. Irrigation systems are set correctly for plants, soil, and weather conditions. If there is a leak or other emergency having to do with the irrigation system, they respond in a timely manner. Their pruners know how to get the best look for plants and how to prune to establish the best future growth. Landscape Consultants remembers the needs of your yard from year to year. They are all very friendly. They don’t rush when they are in your yard and they do a great clean up before they leave.

Norm and Sherrie K.Salina, KS

Landscape Consultants has made my yard look absolutely amazing! Matt and all his employees I’ve dealt with are extremely knowledgeable, honest and dependable. Our prior sprinkler system didn’t cover the yard and since Landscape Consultants has taken over, it just looks amazing! I highly recommend this company for all of your landscaping needs.

Shari D.Tescott, KS