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Meet Our Staff

At Landscape Consultants we understand that the end result begins with the expertise of our dedicated team. We hold our associates to a very high level of service, quality and communication. You can be reassured your landscaping needs will be met by a company full of experienced professionals. Contact us today, experience the difference and get started on your outdoor dreams!


Matthew Wagoner, Managing Member/Design Sales
Originally from Texas, Matt received his degree in Business Administration from Texas Tech University. Shortly after moving to Salina, he began working at Twin Valley Nursery. In 1985, Matt established Earthcare Services Landscape and Garden Store. In 1997, he got into the restaurant business when he founded Tucson’s Steakhouse, which he owned until 2011. Landscape Consultants was formed in 2009 as a small design/build firm and in 2013, it was fortunate enough to acquire the assets of the landscape division of Earthcare Services which furthered Matt’s aspirations in landscaping.
Matt Wagoner’s 35+ years in the landscape industry is an invaluable part of Landscape Consultants. From his beginnings as a landscape laborer, to foreman, to the owner of a complete garden store, nursery and landscape operation, his expertise in this business is difficult to match. Matt is inspired by his love for the outdoors, the beauty found in nature, and very wise mentors he has built relationships over the years. With these inspirations comes the goal of leading Landscape Consultants from being a good company, to a great one.
His favorite things about landscaping are the installation experience and the satisfaction of standing back and knowing he was a part of the transformation process. Knowing that he had a hand in a client’s long term enjoyment of their home inspires Matt to keep designing beautiful landscapes.

Paul Griffith, General Manager
Paul is from Salina, KS, attended Marymount College, and finished his degree in business administration at Kansas Wesleyan University. He has spent the last 32 years in the landscaping industry. Paul got his start in landscaping at the age of 15 where he worked for a local family owned landscape company after school. At the age of 21 he signed on with a progressive local residential/commercial landscape business, starting as a foreman and moving up to become manager. From there, he moved to Kansas City where he worked for Rose Hill Gardens as the manager of their irrigation service department. In 2012, Paul moved back home to Salina where he became part of the Landscape Consultants team.
Paul’s favorite things about landscaping are the transformation of a plain environment into one filled with interest, textures, color and usability. He also enjoys watching the evolution of a client’s project throughout the following years. His ideal outdoor space is one that combines a balance of structure, plant life, seasonal colors and the relaxing elements of water. It’s about a private space that evokes tranquility and removes thoughts from everyday routine.

Dan Fiorillo, Landscape Designer/Sales
Dan is from North Royalton, Ohio and received his degree in landscape horticulture with a design concentration from Colorado State University. He had 10 years of experience in landscape maintenance and landscape design/sales in Denver, CO before moving to Salina where he has been head of the landscape design & sales department for the last 24 years.
Dan has designed hundreds of landscapes in Colorado and Kansas, on both small and large scales. He has extensive experience in setting up landscape maintenance schedules, designing and installing patios, shade structures, decks, water features and retaining walls. Dan has also successfully worked with numerous types of sub-contractors and general contractors over the years.
Dan finds his inspiration from clear mountain streams, harvesting produce from the garden, the smell of fresh tilled garden soil in the spring, and parents dedicating their children to God. His favorite things about landscaping are seeing the transformation from nothing to something in a fairly short period of time and the added bonus of sound and smell that occur by adding landscaping. Dan’s ideal outdoor space is found in a quiet, still, fall evening with his wife on the patio with a fire, talking about life.

Russ Ohlson, Irrigation Division Manager
Russ is originally from Bartley, Nebraska and graduated with an associate’s degree in applied science from Garden City Community College. He has been in the landscape business for the past 11 years doing irrigation sales/service/design. His irrigation experience started in Garden City where he worked at the local golf course, mowing, trimming and repairing irrigation. After working as an assistant golf course superintendent for 10 years in Topeka, Russ moved to Salina where he became an installation/service technician before moving into design/sales.
Russ finds his inspiration from family and the great outdoors. His favorite thing about landscaping is the ability to work outdoors. Russ’s love for the outdoors, where he can not only work, but also spend time hunting and fishing, are very important.

Lucy Alexander, Certified Pesticide Applicator & Nursery Supervisor
Lucy is from Solomon, KS. She received her bachelor’s degree in horticulture from Kansas State University. Lucy has spent the last 13 years in the landscaping industry, with 8 years spent as owner/operator of a retail greenhouse. Her landscape experience started with a local landscape & nursery company. After owning her own retail greenhouse business, Lucy has become an expert in certified pesticide application and now serves Landscape Consultants as a certified applicator and nursery supervisor.
She enjoys growing most anything and finds joy in a well-designed landscape and the way in which it improves the look of a home. Lucy’s outdoor space and where you can find her on most sunny afternoons is in her greenhouse and garden growing vegetables and fruits.

Jane Grammer, Quality Control
Jane is originally from Burleson, TX and attended Kansas Wesleyan University.  She graduated in 1991 with a teaching degree.  In 2007, after raising four boys, Jane decided to start a new career in landscaping.  Jane completed her Master Gardener status in 2008 & started her own landscaping business in 2010.   Jane joined forces with Landscape Consultants so that she could offer her clients a much broader array of products and services.
Jane loves designing smaller projects that improve a homeowner’s existing landscaping as well as tackling larger projects from scratch.  She enjoys the designing & installation phase as well as doing continued maintenance to keep those projects looking great throughout the seasons.
Jane finds her inspiration from her family & God.  Her favorite thing about landscaping is listening to her clients & designing a special project from the client’s wish list; then seeing that project through completion.  She loves seeing the joy in a client’s eyes when they see the wonderful improvements to their home.

Tonia Haigh, Horticulturalist
Tonia is from Lindsborg, KS and received her certificate in floral design at the Teleflora Headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK. She practiced in the floral industry for 6 years while at the same time ran a small garden center in front of her local grocery store.
Because of her long-time passion for the outdoors, Tonia decided to move her career to the horticultural industry and became the manager at a tree nursery that included tree spading, landscape design and installation. After 2 years, Tonia accepted a supervisor position at a large garden center where she assisted her clientele with landscape design, tree planting, lawn care and disease identification.
With 10 years of experience, Tonia’s love for nature, clientele experiences and her own peaceful landscape has inspired her desire to design and educate the homeowner for the best experience.

Jason Norris, Landscape Foreman
Jason, who is from right here in Salina, Kansas, has spent the past 10 years in the landscape industry as a foreman. Before getting into the landscape business he spent 7 years installing swimming pools, pool tables and hot tubs. His experience in the outdoor home entertainment business has translated well into the landscape world where he continues to use his knowledge to install water features of various sizes and shapes. He also has expertise in the construction of outdoor kitchens, living areas, walls and patios.
Jason gets his inspiration from his family, whom he enjoys spending his down time with as much as he can. If he could spend a sunny afternoon in his ideal outdoor space, it would be right underneath a shade tree, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells that nature has to offer.

David Hammel, Landscape Foreman
Dave is from Ellsworth, KS; just west of Salina. He received his degree in Horticulture from Salina Technical College. Since graduating, Dave has spent the last 13+ years learning and fine-tuning his craft as a landscaper. While staying in the Central Kansas area working for local landscape companies, he has become a specialist in stone and rock wall design and construction. Dave is also very experienced in irrigation installation, landscape installation and lawn renovation.
Dave has found inspiration from a number of sources over his lifetime, including his parents, athletic coaches and all of his horticulture teachers in college. They have played a major role in helping Dave reach his goals. Dave’s favorite part of landscaping is simply being outside and enjoying the surrounding landscape and sunshine! He also takes great pride in seeing the customers’ reactions to their newly finished landscape once the job is complete. His ideal outdoor space includes a well-manicured, green sports field or well-maintained garden.

Scott Hamilton, Landscape Foreman
Scott, originally from Salina, KS, graduated with a B.S. in Marketing from Kansas State University. He has worked in a number of different industries that have helped mold him into an experienced landscape foreman for Landscape Consultants LLC.  This includes jobs in lawn care, a grain elevator and building & construction. Scott has been in the landscape industry for 5 years now.
Over the years, Scott has found inspiration from his family along with the beauty of nature. His favorite aspects of landscaping include working outside, the physical challenges one is required to face when working in the industry, and knowing how a completed project can mature and look better over time.
When he is not on the job, you can find Scott out enjoying the wide open spaces of the countryside or the Bartlett Arboretum in Belle Plains, KS.

Brian Norris, Irrigation Technician
Brian is from Salina, KS. Before getting into the landscape industry he spent 18 years working for Exide Technologies and before that, was in the military for 4 years. Brian joined Landscape Consultants in May 2014 and is currently a technician in the irrigation department. His favorite thing about landscaping is changing the environment and making it look better for himself and for customers.
Brian finds inspiration in nature, including coastal beach areas like California or Hawaii, the mountains and sunsets.  Brian’s ideal outdoor space can be found on a lake house or beach house, listening to the seagulls and sounds of waves crashing on the beach.

Laura Stroda, Lawn Maintenance Foreman
Laura is originally from Chapman, KS and attended Cloud County Community College. Before getting into the landscape business, she worked in journalism and public affairs for 17 years. Laura was active in the horticulture and greenhouse programs with Chapman High School FFA. She joined Landscape Consultants LLC in March 2013 to explore a different career field and pursue her passion for the outdoors. Laura’s favorite thing about landscaping is being outside and enjoying nature. She takes a lot of pride in her work and helping clients create a personalized natural landscape that promotes peace and tranquility.
Laura finds her inspiration from her family, helping others and her faith in God and all that he has done in her life. She loves the peace and solitude that comes with nature, whether it’s in a tree stand out in the woods, on the shore of a lake, next to a creek or just simply sitting on her porch enjoying the sunset. The beauty of the outdoors never ceases to amaze her.