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Job Opportunites

Want to work for an employer who values you as a PERSON? Want to do what you LOVE for clients who appreciate your expertise? Want to join a professional, growing company that has established itself as the top landscaping company in Salina, Kansas? Then Landscape Consultants LLC is the place for you!

We are looking for people experienced in:

Just as important as your experience is your ATTITUDE. We are a family-oriented company that focuses on working TOGETHER to be the best in our business.

Benefits of working at Landscape Consultants LLC include:

  • Opportunities to advance within a growing company
  • Continuing industry education to support your personal growth
  • A salary that reflects your skill and expertise
  • Earned time off and paid holidays to enjoy time with loved ones
  • Company uniforms that reflect our professionalism
  • A comprehensive health insurance plan
  • Team member discounts

Email us your resume today so we can discuss your future at Landscape Consultants!

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buy modafinil no prescription
Thank you for your consideration and interest!